The Art of Intentional Living:

How to Create Calm in a World of Chaos

A big heartfelt welcome to you my beautiful friend. THE ART OF INTENTIONAL LIVING: How to Create Calm in a World of Chaos, is a reflection of my journey of awakening from Addiction and self-sabotage to transforming my life to one of Fulfilment.

Many people have said to me “you need to write a book” and I was definitely inspired to do so. This book is a step by step guide to awakening to the mind and its default programming, how to use the mind as a tool and also how to live a life of meaning, purpose and significance.

This book is written for those of us that struggle with life in all it forms and for those of us that want to create a greater quality of life by creating a greater relationship with themselves and others.

It is a self paced guide to creating an empowering mindset.

I hope you have the courage to step into the pages and allow yourself to experience what you could be.

We are happy to announce the publishing of the book, the investment into creating an intentional life is $29.95 plus $5 postage Australia wide.

Kind regards, Maurice Harvey-Hall

This is the playlist for the video explanation of the concepts discussed in the chapters of the book.
We recommend that you read the chapters first and then use the videos to consolidate your learnings.