When I work with people, often you think you make a difference. However, when people share their internal insights, that's when you know the value of connection and realisation.


Seeing Maurice provided me with such clarity around my inner speak. I wasn't sure why I felt certain ways about certain things and was at a real cross-roads with my life. Maurice helped me understand why I was feeling the way I felt, which allowed me to make the best decisions for my future. Before seeing Maurice, I really had no idea he would have provided such insight in to my thoughts. His services are one of those in which you can't quantify its value until you see Maurice and have a chat to him. I continue to recommend Maurice to my friends and family as I really believe what he offers to be so important to everyone, no matter what they'd like improvement in.

Thanks again Maurice.


As 2015 comes towards its close, I have been contemplating all that was this year...the good, the bad etc.
It feels like I am exiting a 3 year haze of anxiety, hurt and stress...and entering the realm of the possible...filled with hope.
I am thankful for many things in my life at this point - of which one is you. Your kindness and compassion restored my hope in humanity. You reminded me what it feels to have hope...you helped me to get it back.
I now wake up with renewed hope and passion, without the constant fear and anxiety weighing me down. I have anxious or fearful moments, but am able to learn from them and be kind enough to myself to accept that these come (& go) and enable me to learn stuff.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge, skill and kindness and especially for sharing it with me without any expectation of requirements.
I appreciate it and you more than you know


" Initially I started to work with Maurice as a way to improve my sporting performance, whats transpired has been life changing. His methods and practices allow each session to be, exactly what you need".

Maurice's ability to not only ask the right questions but then listen and put things in context has been an amazing and life changing experience.  

I'm so grateful for his guidance and support during a difficult time for me.

Jarrod Owen